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School of Music

Annette Hutton - Piano/Voice/Instruments

Annette has worked extensively in Stockton, Lodi, Columbia, and Groveland in the capacities of director and musical director for community theaters and children's theater. She holds degrees in music education and piano performance from University of the Pacific's Conservatory of Music, where she also was a Staff Accompanist, playing for Faculty and Student Recitals for many years.  in 2003 Annette was honored with the Excellence in Music award by the Stanislaus County Arts Council. She also received an award as a Woman of Distinction (in Education) by Soroptimist of Oakdale in May, 2007.

Andrew Hall - Piano

Andrew is a graduate of CSU Stanislaus and a piano teacher here at Hutton's Hamlet. "One summer, I got 'roped in' to helping with theater. It was so much fun that I had to come back! I really enjoy working with these young actors and actresses--they are so full of energy, creativity, and humor. When I'm not teaching, helping with theater, or accompanying, I like to hike in Yosemite, watch movies, or listen to music (of course)."

Amelia Schmidt, piano

Danelle Mascroft - Piano

Bob Messer - Guitar/Drums

Lesson Availability

Please contact Richard in the Music Store to check the availability of lessons at 209-848-1216.

Kathy Courtney - Violin

Violin instructor Kathy Courtney has been with Hutton's Hamlet since March, 2005. In her own words: "My musical journey has taken me from a small town in Kansas, where I began lessons when I was eight years old, to the present here in Oakdale. Evidently, when I was six, I heard a violin played at a funeral and announced that the violin was something I wanted to learn.
I began lessons in the second or third grade in Kansas and continued my lessons after moving to Oakland, California. I played in high school in string groups and orchestra, and also played with the Young People's Symphony in Berkeley. When I was in the Symphony, we were asked, with other groups, to "open" at the new Berkeley Performing Arts Theater on their hydraulic stage that elevated and descended.
After moving to Livermore in the mid-1950s, I joined the Livermore/Amador Symphony directed by Dr. Arthur Barnes, a Stanford University faculty member. I was member of that symphony until 1978. After moving to Lake Don Pedro, I started singing in the Gold Country Singers chorus in the Coulterville/Greeley Hill communities and have provided violin accompaniment for many of their concerts.
I was asked to teach at Hutton's Hamlet several years ago. I have greatly enjoyed my time with my students here at the Hamlet---and the musical atmosphere, the parents, the camaraderie. The is room in my schedule for new students of all ages, and this includes adults who wish they had taken music instruction earlier in their lives.