Kindermusik Curriculum 

Our Time (children 1 1/2 to 3 years)

"Milk & Cookies"

Move, play, and sing together in developmentally appropriate activities created just for 1 ½ to 3-year-olds! "Milk and Cookies" curriculum makes everyday home activities and chores easier and more fun with music! Cook and sing to “The Muffin Man”; dust and clean to the original song “In My House”; get ready to wash clothes to the delightful poem “Washing Machine”. Baking cookies, eating cupcakes, blowing on hot cross buns, wiggling like jelly, going grocery shopping and making tea are all represented in familiar as well as new songs. Capture the familiar and new moments of the day and learn how music can impact your toddler. At Home Materials include; Two Books—At My House and Cookies, Two Home CDs, Stir Xylophone instrument, and a Home Activity Book—all arriving in a durable lunch bag.

Imagine That! (children 3 to 5 years)

"Hello Weather, Let’s Play Together!"

This curriculum explores sunshine, rain, snow, thunderstorms, and MORE in this imaginative and delightful weather-related musical adventure. Preschoolers create storm sounds with a drum to “Wild Storms,” jump in pretend puddles to “Mud Puddle Jump,” throw pretend snow-balls to “Snowballs,” and sing along to “Colors of the Rainbow.” They’ll be surrounded in a creative musical environment that integrates music, pretend play, story telling, movement, and more. At Home Materials include; "Three Little Kittens" Pretend-Play Manipulative, Literature Components (Michael Finnigan andHurry Home, Little Kittens), Pair of Kindermusik Ankle Bells, Rain Shaker with Scraper, Family Activity Book, Two Home CDs, and the Imagine That! Backpack.

Kindermusik for the Young Child (children 5 to 7 years)

"Semester 2"

At this age, the young child learns music best when he is actively engaged in making music! This curriculum highlights songs and activities that encourage solo singing, reinforce tonal or rhythmic concepts for music reading and writing, encourage echoing or a responsecall the children into joyful participation, as well as songs used in singing games. Beethoven is our featured composer during this semester, in addition to listening and learning about the woodwind and string families. Children will also explore the following musical concepts; piano/forte, crescendo/decrescendo, staccato/legato, graphic notation and reading the traditional rhythms of quarter and eighth notes and quarter rest, and staff reading of f, g, a, c and d. Children delight in moving to original compositions for learning concepts, "Piano and Forte Dance" and "Dancing Staccato and Legato." At Home Materials include; Children's Folder, Music At Home cards and stickers, Games Bag, Family Songbook, Home CD, Carrying bag, and Glockenspiel (for new "Young Child" students).